Code of ethics in the comments

Do not arouse pity in the gift-giver

It is indecent to put people in a situation where they have no choice, and if they do not give the gift to you of all others, it will seem bad in  terms of morality and humanity.

Do not cast doubt on the credibility of the giver’s gift

There is no greater insult than to express distrust in a person who wants to do a good deed. If you think that the gift-giver behaves unfairly, use the button «it is not a gift» to express your opinion.

Do not rush the gift-giver with the choice of the receiver

It is the gift-giver who decides how much time is needed for everyone possibly interested to see the gift, and how much time is necessary to choose the most likeable from them.

Do not reprove the giver’s choice

The gift-giver chooses thyself whom to give the gift, and can be guided in this by very personal motives, at times unobvious to others.

Do not express any doubt in the honesty of wisher’s reasons

Trust breeds trust. Suspicion provokes deception. If you think that the wisher is lying, provide a link to their comments or other wishes, confirming your doubts.

Do not reciprocate with rudeness

Rudeness in response only begets even greater rudeness. It is better to start a personal talk with the abuser or use the button «unbecoming comment».

Do not create an atmosphere of indubitable mistrust and fear

Thoughts tend to materialize.

P.S. Comments that violate this code, should be marked as «unbecoming» with the help of a special button unbecoming comment, located next to each comment.