Our Mission

With the help of modern Internet technologies, we want to create a widespread social practice of gift-giving, to make it a daily and routine act. It  is our goal to raise a new collective tradition — not to hoard things or toss them out, but to give away at the earliest opportunity.

If millions of people give away stuff they do not need anymore on a daily basis and post information about their gifts in one place, a huge database of all kinds of things that can be acquired for free will form by itself.

Furthermore, people will learn to give and will practice gift-giving in their daily lives – even out of the bounds of the site. If this happens, there is  no doubt the world will change, it will inevitably become a better place.

After all, what is widespread gift-giving? It’s a space of maximum trust in each other. It’s a universal faith in the integrity and purity of personal intent. This means that everyone does what he can and receives what he really needs.