Darudar Traditions

To Everyone

Do not offer or ask for anything in return

DaruDar is the community of non-reciprocal gift-giving, attempts of selfish exchange are considered a disgrace.

Do not negotiate gift transfer in comments and talks

The gift-giver should promise a gift to someone from the list of the wishers, and only after that make arrangements with the chosen one in  a special private section “Meeting messages”.

Make your profile as detailed as possible

It’s especially important to pinpoint your geographic location. It saves a lot of time to both the gift-giver and the wisher.

Follow the Code of ethics in the comments

Discussion of the gift is an integral part of the process of gift-giving. Failure to follow simple rules of communication can easily ruin the  best intents.

Words like «lot»,«exchange», «freebie», «junk», «crap» are considered obscene on DaruDar.

To the gift-giver

Neither rush to promise your gift, nor put off the decision

Let everyone genuinely interested have time to wish your gift. Then it will be easier for you to choose the person to whom your gift is most needed.

Do not give your gift to just anyone

Take a good look at all the wishers and choose the one who needs it most. It will be better for the wisher, more challenging for you, and  benefitting for the community.

Give your gift to whomever it was promised

If you have already promised your gift to someone, and you have made arrangements, do not hurt their feelings, keep your promise.

Promise your gift to someone else if the person you promised it to, has disappeared

There is nothing wrong with promising your gift to someone else if the previous wisher has disappeared. This should definitely be done if  you have not even made any arrangements.

Remember what is not suitable for gift-giving on DaruDar

Do not forget that DaruDar is unique and fundamentally different from other communities.

To the Wisher

Wish a gift that you like, even if it has already been promised to someone

The gift-giver can always change their mind and promise a gift to another wisher, i.e. you.

Describe in the comment why you wish this gift

Thus it will be easier for the gift-giver to understand who really needs the gift the most.

Do not line-up for the gift

The gift-giver will thyself choose whom to give the gift by looking at a personality, and not on a serial number.

Do not beg in any form

It is bad, it is ugly, it is a prohibited method on DaruDar.

Thank for the gift that you were given

Your gratitude is the only evidence that the gift actually existed in reality. Written thanks is an important record in the biographies of both giver and receiver of the gift.

Give the received gift further at the earliest opportunity

Thus things can be useful for a long time and for many people. Also, it is a fascinating game to create a common history of the use of  things.