How to give away

1. Publishing a gift

To publish a gift it’s necessary to fill the  usual publication form, where you should indicate “what you  are giving away" and "where and when you wish to give away”: give a title to your gift, description, attach images, indicate time and place of the meeting which would be suitable for you. After that, the gift falls into the list of the gifts which are «Offered». You  always can quickly find the published gift and see what is  happening to it in the "Your gifts” section of your profile. Other comembers comment on your gift, estimate it and wish it. Before you give something as a gift, it is strongly recommended to  consult the traditions of  DaruDar.

2. Promising the gift

Gradually there appear those who wish the gift. From the list of  them you can choose a person whom you like most and promise the gift to him/her. To promise the gift you should mark the  person you’ve chosen in the special section of those who wish the gift at the gift page (“Wishers”) and then click the «promise». The person to whom you promised the gift will immediately receive a notification about your decision by email. At the same time, your gift will be marked as Promised.

3.Making an appointment

You can agree on the exact place and time of meeting. Exchange, if desired, contact information in a special private section of meeting discussions (“Meetings”) at the gift page. This correspondence is visible only to you and to the person to whom you’ve promised the gift. All messages are duplicated on the  email addresses of participants, so you will be always informed.

4.Meeting and giving away

If the procedure of gift hand over was fulfilled successfully the  person to whom you gave away your gift will be able to thank you  through a special “Thanks” form which is situated at the gift page. As soon as the thanks appears, the gift will be automatically marked as Given. It cannot be wished anymore, from that moment and futher on it becomes a part of  your gift-giving history and of your coordination with the  community.