Make the world better

DaruDar is an international community where people give away things, their skills and time to each other for absolutely free requiring nothing in return.

One science-fiction writer has described a world where people could get from a certain parallel world any thing that had been put there before. It was enough just to imagine the thing well enough. All the legacy of the humanity was in the public access at any time. The only thing that people lacked to enjoy all of this was the treasured word which they had forgotten, they lacked simple technology.

We are surrounded by a whole heap of things that we currently do not use. And at the same time there are people all around us, who need this thing very much at this particular moment. We just don’t know anything about them, and even if we suspect of their existence, we haven’t had a simple tool to share our abilities with these people up to now.

The gift obtains a special power when other people remember about it. At any moment we are ready to share anything with our friends only cause we know that they will always remember our efforts. And if in the future we need their assistance they will help us for sure. If we do know that the man did a lot of good, we consider it to be an honor to do something good for him.

“The future has already arrived. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.” (William Gibson)