Why meeting

Meeting of two people — of a giver and of the accepting side — is the climax of the gift-giving process. At this exact moment the small miracle is born. Our virtual impulse to give away and  the same virtual wish to accept something as a gift which were alive only at the site till that moment become corporeal and  confirmed in reality. People are alive, things really move in space and the world is changing!

Meeting means believing that the different world where things can be just given away without any requirements is possible. After all it’s not only you who is involved into this process but  somebody else acts in the same way. And the more people of  this kind exist, the more meetings are carried out the more likely the existence of the world of gratuitous things.

If you accept the gift don’t forget to thank the author of the gift after the meeting. At the site it is convenient to do through a  simple “Thanks” form at the page of the gift. It would be a good tradition to attach a photo to the thanks where you show that you  really liked the gift and it really suited you. Your thanks is the only documentary proof of the reality of all that happened. And this evidence is really valuable.