How to accept a gift

1.Choosing a gift

In the list of the gifts you can see all the gifts which are given away at the moment and the gifts which have already been marked as “Promised” or “Given”. Later on it will be possible to use the search among gifts as well as to subscribe for the gifts of a certain specifics and also to receive notifications about new gifts publications by email. If any information on the gift is not clear to you feel free to ask your questions in the comments on the gift. Before you comment on the gift it is strongly recommended to consult the traditions of DaruDar.

2.Wishing the gift

To wish the gift you liked it’s enough to enter the page of the gift and to click I wish it as a gift. Immediately after that you will get into the list of those who wish the gift from which the author of the gift will choose a person he likes and promise the gift to him/her. Try to tell why you wish this gift in the comments on the gift. And if you wish the gift be ready to meet the author of the gift in the place he/she chooses and to take the gift from him/her.

3.Making an appointment

If the author of the gift decided to give his/her gift to you, you immediately receive an email notification about that. From this very moment you can start discussing the meeting in a special private section at the gift page of meeting discussions (“Meetings”). This correspondence is visible only to you and to the author of the gift. All messages are duplicated on the email addresses of participants. If you made an appointment, please, don’t let the author of the gift down and fulfill all your promises. Gift is such a rare case in our world.

4.Meeting and accepting the gift

If you’ve met and received the gift don’t be shy and say thank you to the author of the gift. At the site it is convenient to do through a special form “Thanks” at the Thank for the received gift page of the gift where you can type any thanking text or post an image. Always remember that your thanks is the only evidence that you’ve really met with the author of the gift and you’ve really received the gift. And it depends only on you what the gift will remain like in the gift-giving history of the author of the gift and if he/she will have a new impulse to give something as a gift.