Not for gift giving

Only that, which simultaneously satisfies all three of the following conditions and cannot exist without them, should be  considered a gift on Darudar:

  • It can be wished
  • It can be promised
  • It can be given

What should not be given away on Darudar, despite the fact that formally it may be a gift:

  1. All that can be sent via email or posted as a link, a picture or  a text, and can exist in this form, irrespective of the giver’s will.
  2. Any information transmitted in electronic form or in some other form, and clearly infringing somebody’s copyrights.
  3. Any proposal to meet, in which the mere fact of acquaintance and communication is crucial and does not involve any special skills or  services from the giver.
  4. Things that are rather marketing tools (catalogs, coupons, discounts).
  5. Any offer that is essentially an implicit request for help.
  6. What gives rise to doubt whether to throw away or give away.

P.S. Gifts, violating this Code, should be marked as  «unbecoming» with the help of a special button This is a non-gift at  the bottom of the description of each gift.